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Monday, 19 December 2011

Blood Wolves 40K a flexible Space Marine army

OK I have got back into playing 40K and needed a new army for tthe Ribble Rumble.
I have chosen to play Blood Angels but might want to play Space Wolves, so the Blood Wolves were born. One army to play either chapter. Lots of grey but a bit of red in there as well.
My problem was that I only had 2 days to paint the army. It was already built, all I had to do was slap on the paint. Some of the figures I had bought painted on eBay (Mephiston and the scouts), some of the vehicles also came from eBay (and one the kind folks at GW Preston had given me) but I had decided to paint them myself. Anything thats grey, I painted!
Started on the Thursday morning, worked through until 10pm and then finished them off at 6.30pm on the Friday night. Now all I have to do is get my gaming stuff together and I will be ready to use them tomorrow. One more point, they are all magnetically based (I hate cutting round those 25mm round bases) to help keep them stable in the car. An old tomato box will be their home for the tournament.
bw_marines01_s[1] http://www.3vwargames.com/whammer/graphics/bw_marines01.jpg
bw_marines03_s[1] http://www.3vwargames.com/whammer/graphics/bw_marines03.jpg


  1. Hey Veni (etc,etc),

    I got kind of the same idea - vanilla marines not good enough to play against Orks, so decided to do Space Wolves- but I also like the presence of a Furioso dread, but I do not like them Red Guys.

    I googled something in between "Blood Wolves" and found your blog.

    Can yout tell me how your army works?
    Did you mix up rules-written a fan codex or so?

  2. Sorry, my woman was still logged on with her account, mine is not Flowtops but UltraBattles....

  3. The idea is that you can use any of the standard codexes to play with; Space Marines, Blood Angels, Space Wolves, probably even Grey Knights. You just use the same models to play any of the chapters, using a common painting scheme.

    So really a way to save money but allow lots of flexibility when gaming.