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Monday, 29 May 2017

Fighting Brothers a new set of American Civil war rules

Based on the Veni Vidi Vici rules for 18th century land battle rules, Best Allies, these rules have been modified to better reflect the tactics used in the American civil war.
As with Best Allies, the basic uints are regiments and they organised into brigades. A turn proceeds with both armies taking it in turn to move/fight alternate brigades. Which side gets to activate the first brigage depends on an intiative roll at the start of each turn. Brigades are grouped into divisions and divisions into corps, if you want to do really large battles.
The army lists for each side is based on a brigade but since the organisations of brigades changed for both sides during the course of the war , there are different brigade structures for; early, middle and late war periods.
Weapon ranges have been increased, especially for rifled cannon and fire fights are now the main way of deciding combats. Fire rates are increased for breech loaders and doubled for magazine loaders. Sharpshooters with long range breech loading rifles have been added. Along with the ability to disable commanders by shooting them.
Infantry units move faster and can now detach part of their units to act as skirmishers to protect them from rifle fire. Cavalry can fight either mounted or on foot but they can only fire when dimounted, usually using breech loading carbines.
With a points system for club games and a definition of unit types to convert historical orders of battle, into wargames.
Available as a downloadable pdf from Wargames Vault at £8.00 a copy.
The Best Allies Yahoo group is here.