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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Golden Troll 2010 40K event

Played in November 2010 at the Chorley wargames club (CACK)

Some of the pictures I took - great days gaming.

Pics of the event and other peoples armies

Some of the tables and gamers

A lovely Tyranid army

Imperial Guard

Marines - sorry that one was a bit fuzzy

Tanks of the Legion of the Damned

One of the CACK members armies, still WIP Blood Angels

Pics of my games (I was using Tyranids but I am afraid that most of the big models just have enough paint on to classify as painted. I would like to take my time and paint these guys right).

1st game against a Space Wolf army - yes they are Space Wolves looks impressive but was a total failure, I lost all my army except one model!

2nd game vs Chaos Marines

It all went terribly wrong for the Chaos forces. Advancing against Tyranids is not a wise move. The nids rampaged through the enemy tanks and then cheerfully took out the infanty - cos thats what Nids do.

Third and final game against another Space Wolf army. I only had a limited number of my army on the table. The big monsters relying on the Venomthropes to give them a cover save. No easy targets there. The rest of the army was coming on from reserve with a lot of them Deep Striking.

Lictor and Raveners arrive behind the Wolves, they were all wiped out.

But my army advances on the right

and this is what I was facing, a wall of tanks

Luck is important in a game and in this one I got about as lucky as it is possible to get. Just one of many good rolls I had. Need 6's to hit (fast moving vehicle) well how about 5 out of 7 dice getting 6's!