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Friday, 1 April 2011

Thursdays Warmaster Ancients battle Romans vs Ancient British

Steve and I played a 1250 point game of Warmaster last night. Both armies were supplied by Steve and after seeing his Future War Commander figures I was looking forward to seeing these, I was not disappointed.

So Romans vs Ancient British (with me taking the British) lets look at the armies.


And the British army

In the centre the Romans advance against very little opposition. I decided to mass the British on my right flank and overwhelm them

So on the right I move forward more infantry and massed chariots

An attack on the Romans on my right breaks up their formation but at the cost of half the infantry involved. That seems to be the problem with the British, with no save, any combat sees them die like flies.

The Romans counter-attack, attacking from the front and left at the same time. The British were slaughtered but proved a good example to show Steve how the combat rules work.

In the centre the Romans advance over an empty battlefield.

The Brits were demolished, losing 10 entire units of infantry, 30 bases worth. This battle really had the proper flow of a Roman vs barbarian battle. Masses of enemy to start with and a couple of moments where the warbands threatened to overwhelm the Romans but in the end beaten by Roman discipline and superior equipment. Good game.