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Sunday, 28 July 2013

OK so Veni Vidi Vici goes WW2

Learning from my experience of writing the Die is Cast the next rules project is WW2. Currently under the working title of WW2 RD.

WW2 RD cover02

Again fairly scale independent its 1 figure equals one man/tank. Learning from TDIC its going to be slightly larger in size 7x10 inches which means that the font size can go up to 10 for easier reading.

Its IGo UGo but instead of that applying to the whole army, its a unit at a time. So players select a unit, perform all their actions with that unit and then the enemy get to do theirs.

Back in 2003 I set up a Yahoo group for this project and that where I will be loading the playtest rules and army lists. Its call the WW2RD group.

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