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Saturday, 17 November 2012

The Die is Cast in the final stages

The latest is the design of the front cover. Fairly simple with some text and a big picture of a Roman centurion.

The figure is from Wargames Factory and the painting by James Roach of the Olicana painting service.


The rules are now published and available from the Veni Vidi Vici website,


Price £14.50 each including postage world wide.

The Die is Cast features;

Simultaneous play with both players moving, shooting and fighting at the same time.
Rules can be used with any scale of figures or basing system.
Combat system uses D12's, with one roll needed to work out the casualties. No; to hit, to wound, to save needed.
Commanders of different levels of ability.
Three different styles of melee; infantry vs infantry, cavalry vs cavalry, cavalry vs infantry.
Try before you buy, the complete rules are available as a pdf.
Handy A5 sized rule book.

The Die is Cast rules forum here

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