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Friday, 17 February 2012

WAB Grand Tournament 2012

Right, off tomorrow morning for 2 days playing Warhammer Ancient Battles at Mansfield for the grand tournament.

the players are:

Andrew Kershaw                    Seleucid
Phil Vernon                            Seleucid
Martin Gibbins                        Late Imperial Roman
Justin Taylor                           Galatian
David Pearson                        Ancient Germans
David Johnson                        Early Imperial Roman
Tony Garry                            Republican Rome
Ed McDonald                          Early Imperial Roman
John Wall                               Early Imperial Roman
Kieth Tait                               Sassanid
Grahame Middleton                 Late Imperial Roman
Malcolm Barnfield                   Seleucid
Andrew Beer                          Dacian
Mike Whitaker                        British Tribes
Wayne Richards                      Sassanid
Bob Stradling                          Early Imperial Roman

My first choice of army was Seleucid but so many people had already chosen it, it looked like the standard 'power' army so I decided to switch to something else, Galatians.

The Galatian army is mainly made of fanatic infantry who are classified as Frenzied. That means that each figure fighting gets 2 attacks each and because of their mixed weapons, get to re-roll misses in the first round of every combat. A fearsome lot indeed. The other benefit of being Frenzied is that they ignore all Panic checks and are immune to Fear or Terror. That means that I will have an army that I can rely on not to break and run if their friends break or they are shot at. The only disadvantage is that I am forced to charge enemy if they get within my charge reach, which a cunning opponent will try to do. I will just have to be even more cunning.

My army will be:

General (mounted)
a unit of 3 chariots
2 units each of 8 noble cavalry
4 units each of 24 Fanatic infantry
3 units each of 18 Fanatic infantry
with the following Greek allies
a unit of 18 peltasts
unit of 11 javelinmen
2 units of archers 10 and 14 strong respectively

A total of 2799 points from the new Armies of Antiquity lists.

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