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Saturday, 25 June 2011

First Game of Clash of Empires rules

One game played so far of Clash of Empires (CoE) ancients rules. We played Imperial Romans vs a Gallic army.
I found choosing an army easy and good. Core choices are the standard troop types for an army and for every core choice you pick you can have either a support or skirmish choice - there might be specific limitations you have on those.
Units are limited in size to a specific range of numbers in a unit. All this limits what you can choose and to me makes for more sensible army selection.

Choosing terrain, looks to me like tables would be very full of terrain.

Game play, manoeuvring easier than in Field of Glory, I would quickly get used to it.

Shooting, did not seem that bad. Since only the front rank of skirmishers fire at full effect (the rest at half effect) it is not as bad as it was under WAB. Pila are used as a shooting weapon just before combat (just like my rules) not terribly effective in the main, I think my Gauls took a wound about 50% of the time.

Combat, only really between legionaries and warband and the legionaries got beaten. Reason, the Gauls get 50% bonus for their attacks because they are charging, the Romans get only the front rank fighting (because they have been charged) and no expert swordsmen rule (only in 2nd round of combat). And this is the biggy because it is IGoUGo the warband gets to hit first and those figures they kill will not fight back. I did not like the effect and I think it is because that charging warband has too many advantages. To my mind a significant change would be to allow as default all combat to be simultaneous (perhaps there need to be exceptions to this) because giving bonuses for charging and letting the chargers kill enemy without reply makes them too damn good. So thats the biggy, remember only one games experience.

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